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Archbishop's Library in Olomouc.

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"The Power Of The Wellnsburgs' Swords" ( the video with all books, feel free to check 13 pages and enjoy!) It's very interesting to read the section, "about the author," due to what she did is unbelievable! (@anna)

National Library, Klementinum in Prague.

“My work is in one of those beautiful libraries in the world - National Library in the Prague. I made an unforgettable footprint there and it’s such a wonderful feeling! Whoever plays “Fair Play,” will always have my word! As I’m looking at this beauty I’m so proud my work is there!

       ⚔️⚔️⚔️  17. century, from the era when the glory of the Three Musketeers was still alive. For teens/the young generation & for everyone who likes a great portion of the adventure, fun, etc.. ⚔️❤️⚔️❤️⚔️

      In this novel (series of 5. books) you’ll read about twins, Christopher & Elizabeth that were born to Katarine and Martrek's. These kids didn't know they were twins, but they were growing close to each other. One, as a rich noble kid - Christopher with a different name Febien, and Elizabeth - a poor girl, who also didn't know she came from a rich aristocrat's family because her parents wanted to live their life anonymously for some reason.

     The Fates - the magical women, appeared at midnight when these twins were born, together with their books of the fates, and later these women - Fates will accompany them during their life not letting these kids know who they are. These women are dressed as nuns. From the candles of the Fate, the vax drops fall on twins' bodies, at midnight when the Sisters, Fates visited them to predict their Fate. These drops will create the shape of stars, birthmarks on their body and therefore the twins are inscribed in someone else's fate...

     When Christopher (Febien) and Elizabeth discovered it, they decided to fulfill their fate. There is a lot of fun, adventure, love, desire, intrigues, etc.

      You can read some excerpts and more on this website below! Just copy the link, paste it into the browser, scroll down, and you’ll find it!

( https://www.facebook.com/hamleterika/ )

     It was published in Europe, in the Czech Republic, the Slovak Republic on March 13, 2017, by publisher house Albatros. media who didn't get any other rights for the third party, which means: “All Rights Reserved By Author” You can also find me online: FB, Twitter, and Instagram.

In the future, I am willing to sign a contract only with a decent company who will see me as a equal partner. See the page "Video/ a sad evidence."

Barnes & Noble, Amazon all over the world, iBooks, Google play, Kobo etc.

My mom is gradually sending me in the world. She didn't forget to tell me: “Bring a lot of fun, adventures, excitements a good portion of relax to those who are going to read you!” (Printing book, 6x9 inch has 475 pages and will go in the world in January or earlier) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0826B8TJ7/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=The+fateful+pendant&qid=1575165833&sr=8-1

Available at: Barnes & Nobles , Amazon all over the world, Google play, Apple-iBook, Kobo, etc. 6”x9” inch.

My all books 6”x 9” Series of 5 & solo books ⚔️❤️⚔️

My book # 7 the paper book. It’s adventurous historical novel, fiction, 480 pages, size 6x9 inch for the young generation/adult and of course for everyone who likes historical novels! https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/the-fateful-pendant-erika-p-hamlet/1135528207?ean=9781646336371

Going to the World with Kobo as well - headquarter is in Toronto, Ontario Canada🍀✅ https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kobo_Inc.

Done! We’re complete and going in the world 🌎 1.volume-660 SP, 2.volume-574 SP, 3.volume-556 SP, 4.volume-646SP, 5.volume-641 SP. (size, 6 inch x 9 inch)

Sending greetings to Japan! I uncovered a bit more from Sachiko warm words in this post.❤️ I’m so honored! Dear Sachiko Taniyama, this letter was traveling pretty long! Hope you’re well in your country-Japan! Talk to you soon ❤️(she likes the series so she decided to translate it for potential Japanese publishers 💯🍀)

In Europe

The 5th one! I’m also ready and going in the world 🌍 641 standard pages.

Now costumers can buy it as a classic book. Barnes and Noble has more than 600 books’ stores all over USA 🇺🇸 and recently B&N going in the foreign countries. Headquarter is in the New York. Thanks from the bottom of my heart ❤️ https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/katarine-and-her-intrigues-erika-p-hamlet/1129932690

The book will be published in May, 2019


At Amazon in France 🇫🇷

They’re coming in the English version via Amazon.Wherever Amazon has their printers, which means these books will be printed on demand according to Amazon's standard, The number of pages can vary due to each publishing company has a different printer and different setting (spine, left, right side etc.)


Series - Novel - Fiction, 5. volumes. The story was set in the 17. century, when Alexandre Dumas has written his Three Musketeers. You can find there a lot of great humor, mysteries, intrigues, adventure - all that what good books have to have to enjoy them! For the readers from 14 to 100 year. ⚔️⚔️

Románová beletrie -5. dílů. Příběh byl zasazen do 17. století, kdy Alexander Dumas napsal své Tři mušketýři. Můžeš zde najít hodně skvělé zábavy, tajemství, intrik, dobrodružství - všechno to co musí mít dobré knihy aby se líbily! Pro čtenáře od 14 do 100 let.

EP. Hamlet's Motto: "The power of self-confidence is directly proportional to results & vice versa!" (EP. Hamlet, former diplomat for USA & Canada)

The book (e-book) was already sent all over the world this fall in 2018. Whoever is interested in this novel - fiction that was written for the young generation can read samples from 5. books. This is for potential publishers, movie makers, who will have the possibility to read the story and then to be familiar with what the series is about. I'm taking this step as it was advised to me. My novel, fiction is selling only in the native language yet, so it's time to do something more.

"The Power Of The Wellnsburgs' Swords," ("Síla v kordech rodu Wellnsburgů"), selling in Europe. You can read more in the section video/evidence. Thanks to all who sent me such an wonderful feedbacks!

With kind regards

Erika P. Hamlet

"The power of the Wellnsburgs’ swords” - Katarine and her intrigues, 1.volume - 448 pages. Albatros. media got the rights to publish this title. The book was published on March 13, 2017. Due to the publisher didn’t clarify important things in the contract as my tax advisor pointed out, therefore, they didn’t get any other permission. The all adventurous series, fiction was written for the young generation. The story was set in 17. century, when Alexandre Dumas has written his Three Musketeers. The book cover is protected by copyrights by the publisher, Albatros. media. According to the track and feedback the books are selling as bestsellers.

"Síla v kordech rodu Wellnsburgů" - Katarine a její intrigy, 1.díl - 448 stran. Albatros.media získal práva pro publikaci tohoto titulu.Kniha vyšla 13. března 2017. Vzhledem k tomu, že společnost neuvedla ve smlouvě důležité věci, na které hned v začátku poukázal daňový poradce zde v USA, společnost nedostala žádné další povolení k publikaci mého díla. Příběh byl zasazen do 17. století, kdy Alexander Dumas napsal jeho Tři Mušketýři. Celá dobrodružní série, fikce, byla napsáná pro mladou generaci. Obal knihy je chráněn autorskými právy vydavatelem, Albatros.media.

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