Video as the evidence. You’ll not believe it, but it’s the truth!

Nobody will continue with the wrong contract if he/she finds out what was hidden behind it.

Video bellow...

Thanks for the comments below!

Thanks for the comments below!

My friends’ comments to this video...


This literally took my breath away! The publisher didn't write a single sentence about you as the author. That's suspicious! Did the publisher want to license your work as theirs? It looks like I'm right because they didn't mention you. On the back, there is a short annotation about the book, nothing else.

Toto mi doslova vzalo dech! Vydavatel nenapsal jedinou větu o autorovi? To je podezřelé! Chtěli snad vydávat tvoje dílo jako jejich vlastní? Vypadá to, že mám pravdu, protože tam nepadal zmínka o autorovi. Na zadní straně je jenom krátká anotace o knize, nic jiného.

**** @Josef

Well, you're lucky to have such kind friends around you. It's helpful that you paid attention to your contract and your friends also gave you the right advice at the right time. No, máš štěstí, že jsi obklopena s dobrými přáteli, kteří ti dali dobrou radu ve správný čas. Je dobré, že si věnovala pozornost smlouvě.

**** @Milada

You gave the publisher priority, and as far as I can tell, they were taking advantage of you? Most publishers insert a picture of the author and introduce him, but this publisher clearly didn't plan it that way. Oh gosh! I'm happy you found this out!

Ty jsi dala tomuto vydavatelství Albatros. media prioritu a jak mohu vidět oni tě chtěli zneužít?  Vydavatel normálně vloží  malou fotku o autorovi a představí ho, ale tento vydavatel jak je vidět to neplánoval udělat. Oh, Bože! Jsem štastná, že jsi to zjistila!

**** @Greg

Dear Erika, if I didn't see the video, I would have thought you were joking! While I know you are a hard-working woman, do not forget that God loves you because horrible things did not happen to you. DO NOT GIVE UP! You have a good guide on your side - our Lord.

Drahá Erika, kdybych neviděl video, myslel bych, že žertuješ! Znám tě jako usilovně pracující ženu. Nezapomínej, že Bůh tě mmiluje, protože se netaly strašné věci. NEVZDÁVEJ TO! Máš dobrého vůdce na své straně - našeho Pána.

*** Erika P. Hamlet - the author

Regardless of what happened, I will never forget it, but I've got to move on with the hope that I'll meet better people along the way. 

With Love, Erika

*There is evidence and the lawyer pointed out that Publisher Albatros. media was giving the author 2% royalty for the e-books and the rest of the 98% went to Publisher's pocket.

*Publisher. Albatros. media was also wrongly calculating the royalty for paper books for the author, giving her less than it was signed in the contract and many other nonacceptable mistakes.

Thanks Apple Inc. & Google Inc. companies!!!

They removed the illegally published title by - CPress.

Odstranili nezákonně publikovaný titul vydavatelem -CPress.

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15.09 | 11:54

I have read your books and I want to express my admiration for what you have done after the publisher literally ruined your life by not fixing the mistakes. I love your books, so don’t give up!

19.04 | 16:57

Good Day Erika P. Hamlet, I would Like To Receive An Autographed CopOf Your First Book Translated To English Darling. I will pay You For It. Thank You Ronnie Schance From Facebook (your friend). Thank

15.04 | 20:18

I am so excited about these books being published in English. The storyline is fascinating. I feel as if I am in the vicinity of each character, watching and listening...

16.12 | 20:09

Can not wait for the English translation to print. Will have your entire collection for pure enjoyment. In the meantime; I'm collecting the orginal books.

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