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(I, as the author, have retained all my rights! Please, read the section: Contract/All process)

The difference between Europe and the US regarding copyrights; in Europe, you have to have them, and no one will talk to you without them, but here in the US you don't.


The historical novel, fiction, "The Power Of The Wellnsburgs' Swords" has 5. volumes.

Archbishop's Library in Olomouc - Czech Republic, my literary work was accepted!

"My literary work was accepted by the National Library in Prague. My heart is so full of gratitude for the unforgettable footprint I have left behind there."

This entire story is set in the 17th century, where the glory of the Three Musketeers remains alive in the hearts of the poor people and the rule of Cardinal Richlie is still very strong.

For teens/the young generation & for everyone who likes a great portion of the adventure, tension, mystery, love, pure friendship,  fun, etc.


The series is about twins, Christopher & Elizabeth, who were born to Katarine and Martrek. There are 5 books in this series.

These children didn't know they were twins, but they were growing close to each other. There was Christopher, a rich noble kid with another name, Febien, and Elizabeth, a poor girl who also didn't know her family was rich because her parents wanted to live anonymously for some reason.

The Fates - the magical women, appeared at midnight when these twins were born, together with their books of fates, and later these women - Fates - will accompany them throughout their life not letting these kids know who they are. These women are dressed as nuns. A vax drop falls from the candles of the 'Fate' to the twins' bodies at midnight, when the Sisters visit the twins to predict their fate. The small stars created by the drops of vax will become birthmarks on their bodies and therefore, the twins are inscribed with someone else's fate...

When Christopher (Febien) and Elizabeth discovered it, they decided to fulfill their fate. There is a lot of fun, adventure, love, desire, intrigue, etc. You can read some excerpts and more on this website below! Just copy the link, paste it into the browser, scroll down, and you’ll find it! ( https://www.facebook.com/hamleterika/ )

Only 1. volume of this series was published in Europe, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia on March 13, 2017, by the Publishing house 'Albatros.media.' This publisher has violated the copyright law, the rights of the author, and many rules in the contract.

*Initially, before signing the contract, I asked this Publisher House to give me a separate contract for each of my books from the series, "The Power Of The Wellnsburgs' Swords" so, the IRS would have an easier time tracking my income. After I saw what this publisher, which belongs to one of the big publishers in Europe, did with 1. volume, I legally terminated the contract.

Although the contract contained other information, Alatros.media's representative, Ms. Irena Krebsova, deliberately lied. She could read it and see exactly what was written there. In other words, the company was stealing the royalties of the author, etc, etc.


Ms. Hamlet drew attention countless times to the violations committed by this publishing house. These violations were in contradiction with the contract, and she hoped that the mistakes would be corrected. Ms. Hamlet had to hire a lawyer to inform the company of the violations through legal means because the company's lawyer refused to comment on them. The publisher firmly believed that Mrs. Hamlet would never hire a lawyer because she resides in the United States.

If you're planning to publish with Albatros. media, consider your steps carefully!

Since the books in the series belong together, the publisher lost all rights, and they were returned to the author.

*This note is also inserted in the other page. Publisher House, "Albatros. media," didn’t respect the contract agreement and did a lot of major mistakes!

*** Cooperation with this publishing house was legally terminated and the author retains all rights to her literary work.

(updated by @anna,October 2022)

My book # 7 the paper book. It’s adventurous historical novel, fiction, 480 pages, size 6x9 inch for the young generation/adult and of course for everyone who likes historical novels! https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/the-fateful-pendant-erika-p-hamlet/1135528207?ean=9781646336371

Going to the World with Kobo as well - headquarter is in Toronto, Ontario Canada🍀✅ https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kobo_Inc.

Sending greetings to Japan! I uncovered a bit more from Sachiko warm words in this post.❤️ I’m so honored! Dear Sachiko Taniyama, this letter was traveling pretty long! Hope you’re well in your country-Japan! Talk to you soon ❤️(she likes the series so she decided to translate it for potential Japanese publishers 💯🍀)

In Europe

The 5th one.🌍 641 standard pages.


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Thank you "BARNES & NOBLE," from the bottom of my heart (USA)

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15.09.2021 11:54

Eva Rakusan

I have read your books and I want to express my admiration for what you have done after the publisher literally ruined your life by not fixing the mistakes. I love your books, so don’t give up!

19.04.2018 16:57

Renny Schance

Good Day Erika P. Hamlet, I would Like To Receive An Autographed CopOf Your First Book Translated To English Darling. I will pay You For It. Thank You Ronnie Schance From Facebook (your friend). Thank

15.04.2018 20:18

E Marie Sobien

I am so excited about these books being published in English. The storyline is fascinating. I feel as if I am in the vicinity of each character, watching and listening...

16.12.2017 20:09

E. MARIE Sobien

Can not wait for the English translation to print. Will have your entire collection for pure enjoyment. In the meantime; I'm collecting the orginal books.